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Types of Grow Bulbs[]

AeroGarden3, Classic, Pro100, SS6 & AG6[]


This energy efficient mini grow bulb was engineered for the AeroGarden3 series, Classic, Pro 100, Space-Saver6, and AeroGarden6 models.

They deliver up to 30% more light to your plants.

Deluxe, PRO200, Elite+ and VeggiePro[]


Designed specifically for all gardens that use 3 grow bulbs.

These special, high output, full spectrum, energy efficient grow bulbs provide the optimal amount and type of light needed for robust growth.

Do you have an Ultimate Kitchen Gardener SpaceSaver6?[]

These bulbs do fit in the SpaceSaver6, but not in the earlier Ultimate Kitchen Gardener SpaceSaver6 version.

AeroGrow has UKG SS6 bulbs but does not post them on the web site. Call 1-800-476-9669 to place an order. The new Deluxe B bulbs will not fit the UKG SS6.[1]yhujyhbhbhb

Grow Bulbs for AG7 Classic & Pro 100[]



New & improved grow bulbs are available for the AG7 Classic and Pro 100 AeroGardens and will deliver up to 30% more light to plants.


Can grow lights be used beyond 6 months?[]

  • "They pull this same scam in the aquarium industry. Keep using them until they blow. The spectrum shift and power output changes are minimal." - Semert
  • "Ive had one of my aeros for almost two years i can start a batch in it and the one i got less than 2 months side by side no growing diff found at all. [...] i used a light meter on new and old came out the same" - winemaker [2]
  • "One of my grow bulbs just died a week ago and the other is still going strong. It's been over 10 months now and I didn't see any slowing down of growth in the tomatoes." - H2O [3]

Did you know that?[]

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