Aerogarden Gardeners Wiki

Can grow lights be used beyond 6 months?[]

See main article for AeroGarden Grow Lights.

Is the AeroGarden organic?[]

What most people really care about when they ask this question is “is my food free from chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides,” which the Aero Garden produce definitely is. The Aero Garden cannot, however, claim to be certified organic by the USDA because their current definition of organics does not include hydroponics nor does it include nutrients based on mineral salts. Interestingly, in Europe, the Aero Garden is considered organic. [1] [2]

How much electricity does an AeroGarden use?[]

  • The Aerogarden uses about the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb.
  • Power Usage with Light On: 52 to 53 watts (30 watts for LED models)
  • Power Usage with Light Off: 3 Watts

How to calculate the AeroGarden bill yourself…[]

What you need first is the cost in kWh from your electricity bill or from the companies website, in my instance it’s 22 p/kWh (pence per kilowatt hour)


  • The standard AG uses 53 watts when all the lights are on and the pump working.
  • It uses 3 watts when all the lights are off with no pump running.
  • We will use the AG for 18 hours with everything working and 6 hours with lights/pump off (the off period).

Calculation 1[]

  • 53 watts x 18 hours/day x 365 days/year = 348210
  • 348210 / 1000 (to get it into kWh) = 348.21 kWh
  • 348.21 x 22 p/kWh (from your electricity bill) = £76.60 per year
  • £76.60 / 12 (months) = £6.38 per month

Calculation 2[]

  • 3 watts x 6 hours/day x 365 days/year = 6570
  • 6570 / 1000 (to get it into kWh) = 6.57 kWh
  • 6.57 kWh x 22 p/kWh (from your electricity bill) = £1.44 per year
  • £1.44 / 12 (months) = 0.12p per month.

So, £6.38 + 0.12p = £6.50 per month for running one AeroGarden or approx. $12 per month?

Also remember your electricity company may have different deals/tariffs. You may get cheaper electricity over night say, which will alter the cost per kWh. - Peat [3]

Where can I buy seeds in Canada?[]

What do I do if the label detaches from the seed pod?[]

The labels are attached to the top of the Seed Pods basket with a tiny ring of glue. Occasionally the Grow Dome may grab the label and pull it off when the Grow Dome is removed.

The label is important for two reasons:

  1. So you can identify your plant
  2. To prevent light from entering the Seed Pod and causing algae to grow. While algae is not harmful to you or your plants, some people may find it unsightly.

To reattach your Seed Pod label, cut a slit through the label from the outside edge through to the “donut hole” in the middle, so that you can open the label up like a collar. Open the label up and carefully encircle your plants’ stems. The label will rest on top of the Seed Pod without glue and as the plants grow, the stems will eventually anchor the label in place.[5]

If your pod has not yet sprouted, page 11 of the Master Gardener kit offers the following suggestion:

Attach Pod Labels

  • Place Pod Label on top of Split-Apart Basket.
  • Iron for a total of 10 seconds as follows:
    • 5 seconds with iron in one place.
    • 5 seconds moving Grow Pod around outside edge of iron – to ensure Label is secure.[6]