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Okra is valued for its edible green fruits. It is also referred to as lady's fingers, gumbo, Abelmoschus esculentus, Hibiscus esculentus L.

The species Okra Little Lucy Hybrid grows to only 2 feet tall. Only one attempt has been made to grow it in the AeroGarden but only for it's leaves. It is unclear if it is compatible with the AeroGarden.[1]


Okra Little Lucy Hybrid[]

Little Lucy Hybrid is the first-ever Dwarf Red Okra and looks as Great as it Tastes! These gleaming burgundy pods, held abundantly all over neat little 2-foot plants, are almost too pretty to eat! The flowers and the foliage just add to the color show. Little Lucy Hybrid begins its display with 3-inch blooms of yellow and purple, arising very abundantly all over compact plants just 2 feet tall and a foot wide. The fruit follows the blooms -- large, attractive 4- to 4 1/2-inch pods of rich burgundy, which really stand out from the maroon-veined green foliage. This plant is a true edible ornamental!


  • Species: Okra Little Lucy Hybrid (Abelmoschus esculentus Little Lucy Hybrid)
  • Depth to sow seed:
  • Days to sprout:
  • Days to maturity: 55
  • Compatible with Aerogarden? Yes/No


Aerogarden Compatibility[]

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Cultivation and Care[]

Soak the seeds 24 hours before planting. Fertilize before planting. If you want to pick the fruit for eating, they are ready to harvest when just 3 inches long, or may be left to mature to their full size.