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  • Species: Pisum sativum var. saccharatum
  • Depth to sow seed:
  • Days to sprout:
  • Days to maturity:
  • Compatible with Aerogarden? Yes


  • I did snow peas, and regular green beans, and although they did grow well, I found that it was not enough for our family of 5. I would have needed at least 2 aerogardens filled with beans to get enough for a few meals. I did not want to waste my space on something that was so easy to get at the store. If you want only a few beans or peas as a garnish on a salad or dish, then go ahead, as you do not even need to pollinate them. Otherwise, if you are looking for beans or peas as a side dish, you will not get enough.[1]

Aerogarden Compatibility[]

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Cultivation and Care[]

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